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Witches in Revolt

Coming Friday March 30th at 9 pm eastern time 


Bloody Sunday

Bath Bomb & Soap

Bloody Sunday is bright and loud, it will not take a seat, and it’s bleeding with raw power and energy. This transformative blood bath lays our fear and worries to rest and allows us to emerge reborn into our own personal power. This fragrance is the embodiment of personal power. It’s a blend of vibrant citruses, divine pomegranate, and protective geranium. Let this deep red bath empower you to always speak your truth and move through life with intention. May we be reminded of those who came before us and sacrificed everything to create a better world.


Bath Bomb & Soap

Suburbia is pure unadulterated teenage rebellion. It’s skinny dipping in the neighbor’s pool, late nights past curfew, and late Sunday mornings with the windows open. It’s the limitless freedom of youth. It’s the smell of a fist full of rain drenched wild flowers and dancing in the rain. It’s screaming at the top of your lungs. You’re not lost. You’re in Suburbia.


Bath Bomb, Soap, Body Butter, Body Oil & Body Scrub

There are some people you meet in life and never forget. Melanie is one of those people. She shines so recklessly bright. No one can dim her shine - she’s so effortlessly transcendental. Dripping with creativity, mystery, and excitement. She smells like peach tea and loose tobacco. A true nomad whose home has always been herself.

Hex & Violence

Bath Bomb, Soap, Body Butter, & Body Oil

Hex & Violence is a punch-y, fruity, and offensive girly bath . She’s sweet and sour. She doesn’t know when to be quiet. Hex & Violence does she what she wants - when she wants. She’s your pretty pink princess passed out drunk on the front lawn. Sorry mom.

Goddess Save the Queen

Soap & Body Scrub

Goddess Save the Queen is raw, elegant, and packs a punch. Clean up your act with this bright eccentric blend of green tea, raspberry, and spicy wasabi. This soap/body scrub is for those who do not need to be ruled over. Be your own queen.

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