Welcome to Witch Baby Soap,

-an oasis for occult driven bath and beauty products. We handcraft vegan and cruelty free beauty products free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, formaldehyde, and other beauty boogey-men that are traditionally found on shelves.

We create ethereal fragrances that have the power to evoke powerful memories, drop you in the middle of a graveyard, and take you to mystical new realms. Our specialty is building worlds through atmospheric scent combinations and marrying them with magical herbs, crystals, and oils.

For Witches, by Witches

Witch Baby began in the kitchen of Head Witch in Charge - Chelsea Selby. She started Witch Baby in October of 2013 with her baby strapped to her chest and an empty bank account. After leaving high school with a New Jersey cosmetology license and graduating from college with a bachelor's degree in Alternative Medicine she decided to blend her love for beauty and herbology into what is now Witch Baby Soap. She loves cruelty free paraben and sulfate free bath and body products, but couldn’t find any that spoke to who she is - a Witch.


Get Naked, Do Witchcraft

It’s more than just a cheeky tagline, it’s a lifestyle. Tired of beauty ideals imposed on us by advertising departments and corporate cosmetic companies - we deviate from the norm. We don’t want you to just look good, we want you to feel good. Our purpose is not to correct what someone once deemed as your “flaws”. We’re here to make your outer glow match your inner glow.