How Can I Contact Witch Baby?

The best way to reach us is to E-mail for all questions or concerns. 


What is Witch Baby’s return policy?

If your items are damaged or broken please email immediately with a photo of the damaged item and we are happy to issue a refund, store credit, or a replacement.

If your item is not damaged, we do accept returns on select items – unopened in season soap and bath bombs can be returned for a refund. Due to sanitary reasons, we will not accept refunds on body butter, face masks, bath potion, or body scrub. We suggest trying out one of our travel size jars if you are unsure of fragrance before committing to a full size jar. We also do not accept returns on sale items. We will not return shipping charges for soaps/bath bombs that have not been damaged. Recipient must pay to ship unopened soaps/bath bombs back and a refund will be issued upon arrival at our facility. Returns must be requested within 14 days of receiving product.


Does Witch Baby sell customers personal information? 

We have not and will never sell your personal information.


Are Witch Baby’s products vegan?

All of our products are 100% vegan and cruelty free.


Is the mica/glitter in your products ethically sourced?

Yes, not only is our glitter 100% biodegradable, but it is also ethically sourced.


Are your crystals ethically sourced?

Yes, we are committed to only buying from crystal suppliers that engage in ethical mining practices. 


My body butter melted! Help!

No worries! Our body butters are formulated with emulsifiers to hold the ingredients together. Give your jar a good shake and pop it in the fridge for a couple hours and it will be good to go. Sometimes the texture may change slightly, but the special ingredients that keep you from getting greasy won't sink to the bottom of the jar like they would in a non emulsified version. 


How can I track my order?

We currently have a 5 - 8 business day turnaround time in our facility stated at the top of our home page. That means it is going to take from 5 - 8 business days to ready your order in our facility before it ships. Once your order is packaged and labelled, you will get a shipping notification email containing the tracking number. This tracking number does take a day or two to update. Shipping usually takes 3 - 5 business days depending on your chosen shipping option and comes into effect after the 5 - 8 period in our facility. 


How do I cancel my order?

As long as your order has not yet been shipped you can cancel it. E-mail us at and we are happy to process your cancellation.


Does Witch Baby have a store? / I want to send you mail! / Can I pick up my order?  Where are you located?

We do not offer local order pickups at this time, but you can shop in person at 11 Eastman Street Cranford, New Jersey and 17 Monmouth Street Red Bank, NJ! If you would like to send us mail you can do so at Witch Baby Soap 534 West Westfield Avenue Roselle Park, New Jersey 07204


Does Witch Baby wholesale?

We now offer wholesale and you can order here:


Is it normal for my soap/bath bomb/etc to change color?

Yes! Especially products containing natural colorants, herbs, flowers, or vanilla. Vanilla may turn soaps and bath bombs brown over time. Natural colorants have a tendency to fade over time. Vanilla and herbs may turn products brown.


Does Witch Baby do custom orders?

As of right now we are unable to accommodate custom orders.


Does Witch Baby offer gift cards?

Yes! Our online gift cards are available here:


Why did my product review get unpublished?

We are not allowed to make any medical claims of any sort. If there are claims of our products curing any medically diagnosed ailments, we are obligated to unpublish them.