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Mystic Mani Nail Polish

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All Love By Luna nail polishes are 21-free, vegan, cruelty-free, and made in the USA. 15ml bottle.


Full Moon:

The full moon is a time of abundance, manifestation, and harvest. Under the light of the full moon, everything is illuminated. Release what is no longer serving you and celebration your progress thus far with this potent blend. Designed to harness the energy of this powerful lunar phase, our ethereal white polish features a subtle, milky shimmer that captures the magical glow of the full moon. 


New Moon:

Reflect upon old goals & set new intentions with absolute clarity with the power of this potent blend. Specially formulated to work with the energy of the new moon, our classic black polish is a blank canvas for new opportunities. Selenite cleanses and removes any stagnant or negative energy that may be holding you back. Clear Quartz amplifies and focuses the energy of your intentions. Moonstone invokes inner growth, strength, and emotional balance to keep you steadily moving forward. Apply 2-3 days before the new moon for best results.

 We recommend this shade for anyone who wants to harness the power of the new moon or start over fresh.



Greet your inner goddess, nurture your intuition, and encourage deep healing with this universally flattering shade. This gentle, pink-tinged nude features a harmonious blend of micronized crystals to invoke and honor the divine feminine. Rose quartz emanates with unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, and harmony. Selenite provides cleansing and renewal. Moonstone enhances intuition and inner strength. Apply this polish whenever you need a bit of soothing, healing, or intuitive guidance. 


Abundance Boost:

Secure the bag and attract good fortune with this abundance boosting and confidence enhancing gold foil shade. Infused with micronized pyrite--a stone of prosperity and willpower--this blend shines a light on your inner gifts and unique talents, turning everything you touch into gold. Use it to adopt an abundance mindset, cultivate wealth, and bring success to all of your endeavors. This is the perfect shade to wear when applying for a new job, launching a new product, or raising your self-worth.


Energy Shield:

Banish bad vibes and protect your energy with this grounding and detoxifying dark brown shade. Infused with micronized smoky quartz, this powerful formula is your first line of defense against negativity. Smoky quartz offers a constant cloak of protection by gently diffusing negative vibrations while amplifying positive energy, keeping you feeling safe, secure, and unbothered. This blend is perfect for those in demanding roles who want to stand firm in their power all day long while setting healthy boundaries with others. Apply it before work or whenever you need to come back to center.


Luminous Dreams:

Tap into powerful dream insights and improve sleep quality with this glittering cosmic purple shade. Created as a companion to our book, Luminous Dreams by Katie Huang, this shade is a staple for bedtime rituals and features a potent blend of micronized amethyst and lepidolite. Known for their illuminating and soothing qualities, these stones invoke a deep sense of relaxation that allows you to better receive intuitive guidance as you connect with your dreaming mind. Apply this shade as you wind down at night to release stress and promote dream recall upon waking.


Manifestation Magic:

Turn your dreams into a reality with this shimmering mint green shade that supports growth on all levels (plus a little bit of luck). Infused with micronized green aventurine--the "Stone of Opportunity"--this blend makes room for new possibilities and ideas to bloom as it supports alignment with your heart's true desires. Whether you're interested in turning over a new leaf or have a specific intention you'd like to bring to fruition, this shade will allow you to welcome purpose, optimism, and prosperity into all parts of your life.


Retrograde Rescue:

The ultimate remedy for retrograde woes. This soothing cornflower blue shade melts away stress & dissolves blockages while promoting introspection, balance & inner peace. Infused with micronized blue lace agate, the tranquil energy of this formula will support you in keeping calm and carrying on during any retrograde transit (especially Mercury retrograde), or whenever life throws a few curveballs your way. Blue lace agate is a must-have stone in times of hardship, as its soothing energy eases tension, repairs communication, and promotes clear thinking.


Chill Pill:

It’s time to unwind and put your worries aside. Ease into a state of total relaxation with this calming lavender shade that soothes frayed nerves and reduces stress. Infused with micronized lepidolite, this blend helps to create a tranquil atmosphere for rest and rejuvenation. Use it to prevent burnout, alleviate anxiety, dispel fear, regulate mood swings, and improve sleep. 


Hope & Healing:

Transform grief into hope and support healing on all levels with this nurturing, blush shade, designed to mend old emotional wounds. This polish is infused with micronized morganite--a stone that teaches you to hold your heart with tenderness and compassion, giving you the space to heal and love yourself, even in the darkest of times. This shade is wonderful companion to have at your side if you've experienced a recent loss or trauma, as it encourages you to honor your emotions (especially the difficult ones) and process them at your own pace, free of guilt or shame. When you wear this polish, let it be a reminder to always hold onto hope. 


Love in Bloom:

Let love blossom in every aspect of life with this gorgeous rose pink shade, designed to inspire deep love and compassion toward yourself and others. Infused with micronized rose quartz and pink calcite, this blend supercharges your heart center and connects you to the beauty around you. This polish is all about loving big and taking a moment to appreciate life's sweetest moments. Use it to spark romance, encourage affection, deepen intimacy, boost self-love, and strengthen your relationships. 


Inner Muse:

Spark creativity with this invigorating soft peach shade that stirs up fresh inspiration and opens the mind to new thoughts, ideas, and experiences. This polish is infused with micronized tangerine quartz--a stimulating and joyful stone that teaches to follow your curiosities. Use it to break down creative blocks and limiting beliefs, restore a sense of wonder and playfulness, and foster a desire for continuous growth and learning.


Clarity + Focus:

The perfect pick me up for a busy day. Knock out your to-do list with this clarifying pale lemon shade, designed to filter out distractions and sharpen your focus. Infused with micronized lemon quartz, the bright and cleansing energy of this blend cuts through confusion and sweeps away lethargy. Use it to boost concentration, improve memory, strengthen decision making, and refresh your mood. 


Super Cleanse:

Introducing our quintessential top coat: Super Cleanse. This is a quick drying, clear polish that can be used as a top coat to seal in color and extend the life of your manicure, or worn on its own for a simple, clean look. Infused with micronized clear quartz, this polish acts as a deep cleanser for the soul--removing energetic blockages and bringing the mind and body into a state of harmony, balance, and clarity. Use it to wash away whatever no longer serves you and promote a clear and focused mindset. Since quartz amplifies the effects of other stones, it will also lend an extra boost of positivity and strength to the intentions you set. 


Gaia Grounding:

Anchor yourself to the grounding energies of the Earth with this centering and comforting tan shade. Infused with micronized hematite, this blend offers unwavering support during times of stress, fostering a deep sense of safety and security. By providing a sturdy energetic foundation (physically, mentally, and emotionally), this polish keeps you firmly rooted in the present moment and allows you to stand strong in your power. It curbs flighty tendencies and impulsivity, ensuring you stay focused on the task at hand. It also quells restlessness and scattered thoughts, instilling calmness and serenity. If intense emotions threaten to send you off balance, use this polish to gently return to center and feel the stable earth beneath your feet. Know that you are safe and supported at all times.


Wise Warrior:

Harness your inner strength and innate wisdom to conquer obstacles with this earthy, brick shade. Infused with red tiger's eye--a stimulating and empowering stone--this blend inspires action and bravery, fearlessly propelling you toward your goals. Not only does it provide a surge of motivation and vitality boost, but its grounding properties promote stability and balance, ensuring that your efforts remain focused and measured. When we encounter a setback, it can be easy to react emotionally or fall into self-doubt, but this polish encourages us to keep a level head and continue moving forward, one step at a time. Use it to keep your fighting spirit burning while remembering to pick your battles wisely.


Balance Beam:

Life is a balancing act. Reveal what needs your attention and where to give and take with this neutral gray shade that promotes order and alignment. Infused with micronized fluorite--a stabilizing and harmonizing stone--this blend encourages you to pause, reflect, and assess. What are your priorities? Are you investing your time and energy in the right places? If you've felt scattered, overworked, or ungrounded, use this polish to return to center and bring balance back to your life. Not only will it lend structure and organization to your day-to-day, but it also encourages self-discipline and setting healthy boundaries so you can make empowered choices. We highly recommend this polish for busy professionals, parents, or anyone seeking a more balanced lifestyle.


Habit Breaker:

Cut ties with bad habits and toxic cycles once and for all with this cleansing and fortifying purple shade. Infused with iolite--a detoxifying stone--this blend facilitates the release of old patterns and negative influences that are hindering your personal growth. Use this polish to reinforce willpower, promote self-control, and make decisions that align with your highest good. Whether you're struggling with addiction, codependency, or limiting beliefs, this polish serves as a powerful reminder that you are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul. You have the ability to shift your life in a positive direction, if you so choose. What choice will you make today?


Eternal Student:

A quest for knowledge would not be complete without this worldly Prussian blue, designed to prepare the mind for higher learning. Infused with micronized blue sodalite--a stone of logic and intuition--this polish is all about embracing a mindset of continuous growth and never-ending curiosity, no matter your age. By filtering out distractions and scattered thoughts, this blend creates an ideal environment for absorbing information and facilitating deep understanding. Not only that, but it activates the intellect, provides laser-sharp focus, and boosts memory, ensuring that the lessons you learn are retained.


Forest Retreat:

Unplug and find sanctuary in the healing power of nature with this restorative army green shade that feels like a breath of fresh air. Infused with micronized moss agate--a stone of inner peace, healing, and renewal--this blend creates a space for quiet contemplation and deep connection with the earth. Use this polish to slow down, tap into stillness, and hold gratitude for the abundance and beauty of nature. When you feel overwhelmed by the bustling world and need a reprieve, simply apply this polish. Your mind will instantly be transported to the tranquil depths of the redwoods, infusing your life with peace and solitude. Wear it as a gentle reminder to step away from your devices and invoke your inner zen.

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