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Astrology Nail Polish

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All Love By Luna nail polishes are 21-free, vegan, cruelty-free, and made in the USA. 15ml bottle.



In true Aries fashion, this red hot shade blazes a bold trail regardless of the setting. Made for the passionate, brave, and independent Ram, this crystal-infused polish contains micronized red jasper to energetically support Aries. Known as the "Stone of Endurance" -- red jasper embodies the fiery and action-oriented nature of Aries while providing emotional and physical grounding, helping to regulate energy levels and curb impulsivity. 



A fancy sign calls for fancy things, like this elegant blush colored shade. Made for the sensual, earthy, and practical Bull, this crystal-infused polish contains micronized  selenite to energetically support Taurus. Known for its powerful cleansing effects, this stone is perfect for clearing away old or stagnant energy that may be blocking Taurus from personal growth, while encouraging them to move outside of their comfort zone. Treat yourself or your favorite Taurus to one today



A spritely sage green keeps things new, exciting, and fresh. Green represents growth, and Gemini is no stranger to change. Made for the curious, multi-faceted, and witty Twins, this crystal-infused polish contains micronized serpentine to energetically support Gemini. An emotionally grounding stone, serpentine helps to stabilize Gemini's ever-changing moods while supporting manifestation through committed focus and tangible action.



A delicate pale powder blue speaks to Cancerian sensitivity, gentleness, & their nurturing nature. This crystal-infused polish is formulated with moonstone to bring balance and healing to the emotional body. Cancers are known for their highly intuitive abilities which allow them to feel the emotions of other signs. This can very draining for receptive Cancers, so moonstone helps to identify one's true emotions and accurately express them, allowing for better communication and harmony in all relationships, whether romantic or platonic.



Warmth and royalty combine in this luscious red wine shade, fit for a King or Queen. Made for the bright, ambitious, and generous Lion, this crystal-infused polish contains micronized tiger's eye to energetically support Leo. A stone of integrity and willpower, tiger's eye embodies the benevolent spirit of Leo while encouraging constructive manifestation (self-empowerment vs. power over others). It also helps Leo draw upon their inner strength as they bring their creative visions to life.



Such a meticulous perfectionist should always have a go-to neutral on hand. Made for the analytical, practical, and hard-working Virgo, this delicate light taupe has the faintest hint of mauve for a look that is clean, modern, and ultimately refined. This crystal-infused polish contains micronized amazonite to soothe frayed nerves, relieve stress and anxiety, and dissolve negativity and self-criticism. Gift one to yourself or your favorite Virgo today. 



Nothing says harmony, balance, and beauty like this soft, ballet-slipper pink. Made for the romantic, charming, and diplomatic Libra, this gorgeous shade features an elegant satin-like finish with subtle shimmer, and is infused with micronized rose quartz to energetically support Libra. Known as the stone of unconditional love, rose quartz encourages compassion, forgiveness, and inner peace, and embodies the energy of Venus -- Libra's ruling planet. 



You're a bit of a mystery, Scorpio, and you like to keep things that way. For an emotionally intense and highly secretive Water sign, a midnight blackish-blue with a mesmerizing shimmer only adds to your dark allure. This crystal-infused polish is formulated with obsidian, a detoxifying and truth enhancing stone, to help Scorpio illuminate deeper truths and process subconscious thoughts and feelings. Scorpios are all about cycles of death, rebirth, and transformation, and this blend is truly a catalyst for major change. 



A free spirit with an appetite for adventure is not bound by convention, and neither is this shade! Strike up a conversation while traveling abroad with this eye-catching, magenta with a metallic sheen. This crystal-infused polish is formulated with micronized citrine, a powerful stone of abundance and manifestation, to help transform Sagittarius's dreams into reality. 



Nothing says classic and practical better than a dark oxblood you can wear year round. With earthy maroon undertones, this vampy shade can appear almost black, depending on how many coats you apply. Made for the determined and career-driven Goat, this crystal-infused polish contains micronized garnet, a stone of regeneration, to support hardworking Capricorn as it climbs toward its goal. Garnet's balancing nature also helps Capricorn to not overwork themselves, and to see what areas of their life might need more attention or where energy is better spent.



For the eccentric rebel of the zodiac, a metallic silver with a satin finish feels out of this world in the best way possible. Made for the visionary and futuristic Water Bearer, this crystal-infused polish contains micronized amethyst, a peace enhancing and balancing stone, that allows Aquarius to access higher realms of consciousness as they search for innovative solutions.



As the most ethereal of all the zodiac, you need a shade that's just as dreamy as the world you live in, Pisces. This means a soft pastel lilac that speaks to your intuitive, imaginative, and ever-evolving self. This crystal-infused polish is formulated with Fluorite, a balancing stone, to help Pisces with organization, concentration, and decisive action. Pisces may want to view the world through rose colored lenses, but Fluorite helps in dispelling any unrealistic expectations, illusions, or unhealthy habits.

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