Mabon Bath Ritual

Mabon Bath

Intition, Left Hand Bath, Rune Stone or any seasonal bath bomb
Autumnal colored candles - red, yellow, orange, green, brown, and/or purple

Mabon is one of my favorite Witches’ Sabbats of the year. Mabon starts on September 22nd and lasts until September 29th to mark the autumn Equinox when day and night come into balance before the scales dip into longer nights and cooler days. It marks the second harvest of the year with Lughnasadh or Lammas being the first. In some circles this is Witches’ Thanksgiving, in other's it’s simply the autumn equinox. This bath - like Mabon pays tribute to the fruits of our labor, aligns us with the changing of the seasons, and provides protection as we head into darker days. 

In the first harvest bath we added sunflowers to our bath - because this is the second harvest, apples are the star of the show. For this bath and really any bath I like to slice the apples into coin shapes to expose nature’s pentacle inside. Because the pentacle is such a multifaceted symbol you can add a lot of depth and nuance to your ritual work by using apples in this manner. It’s also great when working with the pentacles suit of the tarot in your rituals and spells. 

Chrysanthemums are perhaps one the most enigmatic flowers. These late bloomers bring us light in the growing darkness. In Japan the chrysanthemum is the flower of September. In fact chrysanthemum festivals are held throughout Asia during this time. Chrysanthemum has such high vibrational energy that it is the sacred flower of Shinto Sun Goddess Amaterasu. It infuses this bath with joy, strength, protection, and invites us to live our truth. 

Sage is an autumnal must. This abundant garden herb is a great reminder of nature’s bounty. Everything about sage just draws you back down to Earth and grounds you. Sage provides the spiritual version of autumn cleaning and helps you let go of anything that no longer serves you like the trees dropping their leaves. It’s also known to increase our longevity helping us endure the long cold months ahead. 

Amber and amethyst are a divine crystal combination for the equinox. I love that amber is traditionally aligned with a holiday that many preserve and can around because amber is one of the earth’s oldest preservatives! It just makes sense. This honey colored crystal brings us success and good fortune. Amethyst helps us tune into our intuition and psychic knowing as the veil begins to grow thin. These crystals together have a deliciously calming effect that may help those of us who struggle with change have a bit of any easier time adjusting to the transition.