Lughnasadh / Lammas Bath Ritual

text: lughnasadh / lammas bath ritual next line reads: celebrate the harvest photo of a hand outstretched with citrine, carnelian, and blueberries held over a bath with sunflowers floating in it


Dragon’s Blood Bath Bomb




Beer (one for you [21+] and one for the bath)

Herbs of your choice from your garden (optional)

Frankincense incense

Yellow or orange candles 


August 1st marks the arrival of the Celtic Lughnasadh or Anglo-Saxon Lammas. This late summer harvest festival falls in between the Summer Solstice and the Fall Equinox. Many cultures and religions around the world hold harvest festivals and feasts around this time of year. It’s a time of celebration, harvest, and gratitude.


We carry that energy into our bath with illuminating joyous citrine, the sun’s favorite flower - the sunflower, ripe juicy blueberries, celebratory libations, our own personal harvest, and some brightening and enlightening frankincense incense! Dip into this bath and just vibe with that beautiful warm late summer energy - you earned it!


This is a powerful time to practice gratitude and acknowledge the fruits of your labor this year. It’s the perfect time for reflection and celebration of all of the hard work you’ve put in so far to get to where you are right now. This has been quite a year and one that most likely came with more lessons than your average year. So raise a glass and embrace that warm sunny harvest energy and those solar Leo vibes to shine the spotlight on your power, your ability to survive and adapt, and all that hard earned hearty growth that you achieved this year whether you planned it or not!