the Moon Phases of Beauty

photo of a sign in the Witch Baby store in Cranford that says: the moon reminds us that we are full no matter what phase we're in.

Did you know our skin cycle just like the menstrual cycle has give or take the same amount of time as the moon cycle? It takes about 28 days for your dermal skin cells to reach the surface of your skin and die off. We are so interconnected with nature and the moon that by learning to work in rhythm with these forces you become more in sync with the universe that you are a small reflection of. One way to do this is to move with the moon in your personal self care routine. 

The new moon is a great time for a clean slate. It’s time to break out all of the makeup brushes and sponges for a good clean, throw out any expired makeup, cleanse your bathtub energetically, clean your hair brushes, and physically and prepare yourself for the lunar month ahead. It’s a wonderful time for deep pore cleansing, black head removal, detoxifying teas and skin treatments, clarifying, and deep exfoliation. This may also be a time for setting new intentions, but avoid doing so if there is an eclipse or if the moon is not in a sign with energy conducive to your goal. 

Depending on the intention, I may set it on the new moon so that the influence or manifestation can GROW with the waxing moon. One quick and easy way to work daily magick into your routine during the waxing moon is to carve intentions into your soap like you would candle. Everyday you will be rubbing these symbols all over your body as the moon grows in brightness - empowering and supercharging your intentions each and every day. 

When it comes to the full moon, gratitude is the attitude. In some traditional practices that are not astrology based, this is a time to give thanks for what you have manifested with the moon’s growing light. In modern times we have constant access to light. Our streets never get dark, there is much less of a dark threat in the night, and our movements are not just restricted to daytime. That little bit of moonlight was a godsend in ancient times. On these days you might want to wear a little bit of shimmer to embody that lunar glow. We’re two weeks removed from the deep exfoliation and cleansing of the new moon and it’s a wonderful time to deeply nourish and moisturize, try a hot oil treatment, and treat yourself to a long bath. This is a time of fullness where you have full permission to pamper and celebrate yourself. 

Some traditions do not like to manifest under the full moon, but it is an optimal time to harness the energy of astrological influence at its fullest potential. Manifestations made under Aries, Gemini, and Sagittarius influence for example are fast moving and won’t *need* the added energy of the waxing moon for manifesting. Intentions set under those signs tend to take off particularly quickly. The energy here is expansive so it will maximize the influence of any astrological sign in your magical workings. 

When the moon is full in Venusian signs like Taurus and Libra it can be a wildly transformative time under the bright light of the moon to bring light and positivity to your self image. Under Leo’s glamorous influence the full moon becomes a spotlight and you are the star of your own show able to cast manifestations for success, fame, and prosperity. To manifest astrologically in alignment with the full moon consider what the moon is illuminating in yourself through the expression of that particular sign. 

Finally we descend into the waxing moon and it’s time to let go again. This is a pensive time of looking within. It’s a good time for self reflection and shadow working. It’s also a wonderful time for banishing and cleansing. These things go hand in hand. Without reflecting first we don’t know what to let go of. This can be a wildly powerful time for erasing negative thoughtforms and letting go of things that contribute to a poor self image. Just as we carved our manifestations into our soap for the waxing moon, we can wash away what no longer serves us during this period with special soaps, banishing body scrubs, and black baths. It’s a wonderful time for silk pillowcases, overnight beauty treatments, and makeup free days as we lean into this time of rest and slowing down. 


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photo of a moon behind pink clouds with text that reads: The Moon Phases of Beauty. How to work with the moon in your beauty routine.