Five Plants to Bathe in this Summer

light pink water background with text that reads: 5 plants to bath in this summer. plants pictured: sunflower with text Sunflower: brings illumination and ancestral wisdom, cucumber with text Cucumber:  cleanses negativity away and helps establish inner peace, cherries with text Cherries:  boosts confidence,  passion, and  happiness, roses with text Roses:  helps with self love and  attracting new love and friendship, and grapefruit with text Grapefruit: purifies and protects from the evil eye


Sunflowers are a powerful way to bring in the vibrant and energizing power of the Sun into your bath this Summer. They help bring the illumination and wisdom of our ancestors into our life because like dandelion; their roots also reach deep into the underworld. These holy and divine flowers bring abundance, longevity, health, and happiness into your life. 


Larger than life grapefruit is a refreshing way to cleanse and purify your aura. It provides protection from heated summer tempers, the evil eye, and enemies old and new. This tart citrus is a sleepy summer wake up call. When you need a burst of energy especially during waning moon periods grapefruit is great fruit to work with. 


There is nothing that screams summer more than some ripe juicy cherries. Add these to your bath to tap into that sexy sultry Leo energy of late July and early August. This delectable summer fruit will make you feel like a snack with its confidence boosting and happiness inducing energy. 


The full moon of June is often called the Rose Moon or the Strawberry Moon making this a wonderful time to enjoy a bath full of roses when they are in full bloom. These fragrant flowers call new love and self love into your life helping you attract positive partnerships both platonic and romantic. 


Water moon ruled cucumbers are not only wonderful for sunburnt skin, they’re also a great plant ally to work with during Cancer season. These cleansing veggies bring peace and relaxation and are the perfect cooling addition to your bath (and your eyelids!). Not only do they depuff your eyes, they also have a way of depuffing inflammatory situations in your life by bringing you inner peace and relieving your stress.